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How can I have an account?
Create an account is reaaly easy: just click "join us!", fill all the fields and confirm.
Why do I have to create an account?
It is necessary in order to buy items on our web store. It will be useful in order to place new orders in future.
Is it free?
Absolutely yes.
I forgot my password; how can I recover my datas?
It's possible recovering login datas, clicking on "LOGIN" and fill the recovering password field with your e-mail address.
Who will have my datas?
All personal informations and datas will be used by Bianchi in order to manage the order placed. Personal information will not be given to anyone else.
What items can I buy?
It is possible buying only the articles shown on the web store
What can I do if there's any problem with the items I bought?
It is possible return the items bought and change them, filling the return Form and delivering the items to FIV.E. Bianchi S.p.A. - Via delle Battaglie 5, 24047, Treviglio (BG)
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How long does delivery takes?
Normally it is around 6/7 days (week end excluded)
What's the courier used?
SDA for italian shipping, DHL for CE countries shipping, TNT for extra CE countries.
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What should I do in case of any trouble?
Normally replace an order will solve any troubles, for any other problems or assistance please call the Assistance phone number +39 0363 3161 and ask for help.