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Tempier 11th, Colledani 17th in World Cup's opener
19 may 2019
Team Bianchi Countervail's bikers rode Methanol CV RS to a strong recovery in the early race. Teocchi finished 34th in her debut race in the Women Elite series
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Stephane Tempier finished 11th, Nadir Colledani 17th in XCO World Cup opener in Albstadt on Sunday, May 19th. Equipped with Methanol CV RS, both Team Bianchi Countervail's bikers impressed in the early race under a steady and heavy rain, going up to Top 10 fight (Tempier 8th, Colledani 11th), before managing their pace in the second stint. Tempier completed his effort in 1:26:25 , with a 2:31 gap from the race winner, Swiss Mathias Flückiger. Colledani recorded 1:27:19.n, before slipping down due to a puncture.
"My lack of feeling with the rain affected my performance, as well as the slow start. I was able to comeback to a Top-10 spot, before feeling my muscles tired and deciding to manage my energies in the late race" Stephane Tempier commented. Two days before, the Frenchman had placed 10th in the Short Track Race, with Colledani 16th.
Chiara Teocchi finished 34th with Methanol CV in her  XCO World Cup debut race in the Women Elite race.
The Team Bianchi Countervail is equipped with the following models: 
•             Methanol CV RS, engineered to be the best XCO and XCM racing machine, without compromises, and enhanced with the innovative and exclusive Bianchi CV System powered by Countervail to eliminate vibrations
•             Methanol 29 FS, full-suspension model with a racing geometry
•             Zolder Pro disc, latest evolution of the carbon platform designed by Bianchi for cyclocross, combining lightweight and resistance to obtain the best performance
Photo credits: Michele Mondini