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Team Bianchi Countervail's riders to fight for National titles
20 july 2018
Tempier will tackle XCO French champs in Lons le Saunier, Fontana, Colledani and Teocchi will race in Italy ​​​​​​​
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Team Bianchi Countervail’s riders warm-up to target XCO National titles. Marco Aurelio Fontana, Nadir Colledani and Chiara Teocchi in Italy, Stephane Tempier in France will pursue their “tricolor” dream in the incoming week-end. The Italians will be in the action at the National champs in Pila (Northern Italy) on Saturday, July 21st, whilst the Frenchman aims to become the “king of France” in Lons le Saunier on Sunday, July 22nd.
Bronze medallist at the 2017 French National championships, Tempier will take in the Men Elite race, to start at 2.45 PM in Lons le Saunier. Stephane’s goal is not a secret: “I aim to win. This time it might be as open and uncertain as ever: myself, Marotte, Sarrou, Carod and Koretzky might have equal opportunities, it will be an exciting challenge” Tempier comments.
Fontana and Colledani will tackle the XCO Italian Championships’ Men Elite race, scheduled at 3.00 PM on July 21st. Four-time Italian champion from 2009 to 2012, Fontana has to overcome the bad luck that affected both his last races and his performance at 2017 Italian champs: “My goal is to step on the podium and wash away misfortune. It will be hard to win, but not impossible: the National champs are a one-shot race, and we will run for it” the Prorider explains. Silver medallist in 2017 in his last “tricolore” race as a Under 23, Colledani doesn’t give much away: “I’m superstitious, but I can say I’ve good feelings”.
Italian queen in the Women’s Under 23 series last year, Chiara Teocchi will compete among Elite Women from 1.00 PM. “The course is really demanding, but the team allowed me to arrive here some days before the race and to get accustomed with the altitude. I feel good and I’m ready with a new challenge with myself: to race with the élites, although I’m still under 23. That’s how I am: if there's a one percent chance to win, I give a hundred percent of myself to succeed”.
Bianchi supplies the team with two high end carbon models with racing geometry: the revolutionary Methanol CV and Methanol 29.1 FS (full suspension). The Junior Team is equipped with Methanol 29 SX model.